Cub Scout Family Camping

  • Well-planned, organized family camping at the pack level help fulfill the promise made to our Cub Scouts.
  • Packs and Webelos dens may register.
  • Family camping is available at Bovay Scout Ranch, Camp Strake or Camp Brosig.

Adventure Camp

Cub Scout Adventure Camp

  • Adventure Camp is a weekend camp out for Cub Scouts and their families at Bovay Scout Ranch
  • Admission covers three meals in the air-conditioned dining hall.
  • Activities include BB guns, archery, water park (weather permitting) and one or two program areas (e.g., BMX bikes, dino dig, mine, nature center, Indian village).
  • Packs, dens and individual families may register.

Webelos Resident Camp

Cub Scout Resident Camp

  • Resident Camp is a three-night camp held in July for all registered Cub Scouts (including kindergarten graduates)
  • Resident Camp is held at Bovay Scout Ranch near Navasota.
  • Activities include BB guns, archery, swimming, BMX bikes, sports, nature and more.
  • Advancements offered supplement those offered at Day Camp.
  • Packs, dens and families may register.

Webelos Coyote Extreme

  • Webelos Extreme is a weekend campout for 4th and 5th grade Webelos at Bovay Scout Ranch.
  • Fast-paced, fun-filled weekend
  • Webelos work on Arrow of Light requirements
  • Webelos are introduced to basic Scouting skills.

Day Camp

Cub Scout Day Camp

  • Day Camp is open to all registered Cub Scouts (including kindergarten graduates).
  • Activities typically include BB guns, archery, sports, crafts, nature and Scout skills.
  • Scouts make new friends and earn rank advancements.

Boy Scout Summer Camp

Summer Camp

  • At summer camp, Scouts can earn merit badges, learn and practice their Scouting skills, follow the patrol method and work towards advancement.

Boy Scout Weekend Camping

Weekend Camping

  • Troops can camp at one of the council camps: Camp Strake, Bovay Scout Ranch and Camp Brosig.

Boy Scout Winter Camp

Winter Camp

  • Winter Camp is held each year between Christmas and New Year's Day
  • Winter Camp is a wonderful opportunity for troops to camp and Scouts to earn merit badges.
  • Merit badge classes are taught by Scouters with real-life experiences in the field.

High Adventure

High Adventure

Venturing Camping

Venturing Camping

  • Weekend Camping is available for crews at Camp Strake, Camp Brosig, Bovay Scout Ranch and El Rancho Cima. The Getaway at Cima is a program available for units who are camping at El Rancho Cima. Units can shoot rifle and shotgun, ride the horses, or zip down the longest zip line in Texas.
  • Rough Riders is a high adventure summer camp experience at El Rancho Cima. Venturers and adults will experience zip lining, a horseback trek, whitewater adventure, rock climbing, rappelling and much more. Scouts and Scouters can sign up individually.


For additional information or questions about camping, contact the district camping chair.